These are just a few of the testimonials received by Psychic Rescue who, so far, have successfully carried out well over 900 clearance operations.

Read what people have said about us:

We live in Maryland and we are only fourteen and we cannot tell our parents about the possession. The problems all started with using the Oujia board. Thanks for believing me and Robin and your help is greatly appreciated. Thanks to you we are now clear of the problem and we will never play with the Ouija board again.

Maryland, Stratford

Jenn and Robin

Life was absolute hell with doors banging at all hours and an oppressive feeling of being watched by something evil. I reached a stage where I could take no more but, fortunately, you came to the rescue and I am delighted to say that all disturbances have ceased. Thank you.


For six months I was seriously suicidal because I didn’t understand what had happened to me and I thought I had become mad. I was seeing, hearing and sensing all types of things that were scary, manipulative and often of a sexual nature. I planned to kill myself in the flat for months, just lying in my bed with a bottle of pills contemplating how l was going to do it (which can’t have helped the energy in the flat). I even wrote out a suicide note that was pages and pages long, so that my loved ones would understand why I had to do it. Now, there is an amazing sense of calm and love around my flat and I must once again send a big thank you to you and your team for blessing my home and the surrounding areas with your divine light and angelic presence and wisdom.


Since I have moved in I have witnessed electrical equipment switching itself on. My son and husband have seen a figure walking across the landing. Temperature drops. The door slammed shut, no breeze, no window open. Banging upstairs like someone jumping off a bed, but only me in the house. A thousand thanks. All is calm and peaceful again.


So many unexplained occurrences. Accidents keep happening, things being thrown around, brand new appliances not working in the new houses and a general feeling of oppression in the air. There is now a complete change in the atmosphere on the estate and all negative occurrences have ceased. Our sincere thanks to you and your team.

Sudbury, Suffolk

Property Development Ltd

Thank you for all your help. You have been an inspiration to me and I’m now very positive. God bless and Love and light.


I am thanking you on behalf of Renu and their family. God bless you all for all your extremely dangerous and very hard work.


Wow!!!!  Thank you and Jon so much for such prompt attention to our predicament.  We were blown away by your thoroughness, and how wonderful you were able to rescue that young girl.  I have forwarded your email on to Sharon and we will certainly keep you updated on the outcome.  Georgia is not due to stay with her father for a couple of weeks, so I will let you know how it went after then.  Once again a million thanks for your help.  We are greatly indebted to you.


I can’t even begin to tell you how grateful we are for saving my family and essentially changing our lives for the better.  You have saved my mum from death itself and I am so overwhelmed and thankful.  I love my mum dearly and she has struggled all her life for us.


 I would just like to recommend the Psychic rescue team! Wow, how amazing they are! The problem was dealt with so swiftly and so efficiently!! I want to say for those who may have a similar experience. I felt that no one could help me. But these guys can help you! I was stalked by an incredibly scary demonic presence for 9 months. I tried so many avenues for help, learnt exorcisms, read books, searched the web, contacted many shamans and healers, trained myself in protective measures and shielding, bought various cleansing items, spent £££, used stacks and stacks of incense, said so many prayers and affirmations, asked angels to protect me, took salt baths, you name it. I moved 3 times, but nothing worked, it just reappeared and it got worse. (And I have never ever touched an Ouija board or done anything to evoke this. It took me months to work out what had caused it – be careful who you choose as a partner folks, and also, beware that thoughts DO matter – an angry ex with psychic ability actually unknowingly summoned an entity through his rage!) All the stereotypical things happened, like electrical stuff failing, things being knocked over, footsteps etc. More disturbing were intrusive thoughts, a terrifying creature standing by my bed in a threatening way, tapping me on the shoulder, pacing around my flat at night, flashing before my eyes even in the day time, then I began to get music playing in my head, pains in my head and in my heart, and severe paranoia that I was being manipulated, tracked and watched, sudden attacks of fear, and I really started to think I was going mad. I searched and prayed for another option……….and I found the Psychic Rescue team. Hallelujah to them my life has been saved, I cannot thank them enough, immediately I am at peace, in Love and Light, Go Team! You Rock!!


There are no words and no money to describe the job you did for us… You saved our lives, massive thanks for all of you participated in healing session. We were very lucky to find you, thank you Annie, guides and angels. When you deal with one demonic entity it is hard to fight, but when you fight against three beings like it was in our case, without proper knowledge and support is very, very difficult. I was one step away to pass away and give up this life. And I was so depressed that I lost all my hope and I didn’t care anymore. Two days have gone by since the healing session, and only now we can see how our minds were poisoned. We started to feel the real difference the next day after the healing, the suicidal thoughts disappeared, as well as the fear. The healing was scheduled for 4 pm, and we have a Persian cat which usually likes to be outside. And guess what? At 3 59 he came back home to participate in a session. Don’t hesitate, these people are amazing and they will send you a full report of what they did. Blessings and Namaste.


February 2021 I just want to say how thankful I am to you and your team, you’ve saved my little boy’s life.

We’ve both been awake most of the night, he came and got me at 3 am, said I did my igloo and mum they’ve gone. The relief I felt hearing those words come out of his mouth were amazing. He finally fell asleep around 5 am. Hopefully, now he will get back into a good sleeping pattern.

The following day: Very relieved, he’s seems so much more settled now!
I think the work you do is amazing, you are truly wonderful people. I’ve already forwarded on your website to a couple of people and will gladly tell everyone I know to check you guys out.

Thank you all so much again for helping Max, You’ve put our family on a much better timeline and I can’t thank you all enough.