As can be seen there are many variations on what are loosely described as being ghosts.

What is important is that if the entity is malevolent then they are most unlikely to be persuaded that they should not be there. It would also be incorrect to try to move them on, for they would only cause disruption elsewhere. What is needed is, firstly someone who is able to see and talk to Spirit, and secondly has the knowledge of what they are dealing with. They would also have to have the knowledge of how to deal with it and the strength to accomplish it. This is dangerous work and under no circumstances should it be undertaken by those who do not understand completely what they are doing.

What do we do?  

We do not carry out incantations or rituals. No. In fact, nothing dramatic at all takes place. A cleansing can sometimes be a peaceful and moving experience. It is carried out by our members who are able to see and talk to the spirit or spirits causing the disturbance and, usually, all that is required is persuasion. As a result to the human eye nothing may have changed, but immediately there will be a considerable lifting of the atmosphere

All team members individually have been carrying out clearance work for over 20 years with a 100 per cent clearance record. They are very professional in their approach and will supply a written report of any clearance work carried out which will, of course, be strictly confidential.

(See our testimonial page for customers’ comments).

  • Each situation encountered is different with its own individual concern.

  • We offer a unique service to resolve these problems.

  • Psychic Rescue does not rely on any religion or belief system but comes from a direct spiritual approach.

  • Disturbances may be caused by energies or supernatural beings, and these may be either a dark or light nature. These are approached differently, but both need to be removed leaving the area cleansed and healed.

  • Disturbances can be caused by the psychic imprint left from a traumatic or significant event: these will also be cleansed and healed.


We make a modest charge depending on the amount of work involved. In cases of hardship, we will always endeavour to work pro bono or for a reduced fee: never let cost deter you from contacting us.  We psychically project to a site and work from a distance and this has enabled us to work all around the world.

To deter timewasters we have had to ask for a deposit of £25, (please see the contact page), but often the initial deposit is enough to cover our consultation and clearance fee.

Using the Contact page please supply us with a full history of the problem, the people involved together with their approximate ages and the address where the problem is based. All such information that is given to us will be treated in the strictest of confidence and will be available only to the members of the Psychic Rescue team.