Do ghosts exist?   Yes, but not in the form created by a most fiction writer.
The following are the five main categories of what may be described as ghosts:

Psychic Imprint

Any strong outpouring of emotion can imprint itself on the surroundings of the time, to such an extent, that it can be seen by some as a repetitive haunting. There are many examples of this phenomenon, such as a grey lady floating across a room, which could be considered to be scary but, in fact, is quite harmless and is rather like watching a video recording of a long past event.

Poltergeist Activity

These are sometimes called elementals and are a different life form from the spirits that inhabit mankind. They are mischievous by nature and often attach themselves to young children. A child’s mind is innocent and also very sensitive to spirit. If visited by such an entity, they tend to regard it as a special friend, which they also often keep secret. This entity will play with the child causing it no harm. However, as the child grows older, usually by seven years of age it loses its sensitivity to spiritual matters, and the entity could feel rejected because it is being ignored and becomes spiteful – then you could have trouble, with things being moved about, lights flashing on and off, unexplained noises at any time and worse!

Lost Souls or Earth Bound Spirits

It is possible at the moment of death, because of fear, guilt, or even the shock of the death of the physical body, the person who has died refuses to enter the tunnel leading to the light and to ‘Home’.

As a result, such spirits which should have been returning to the planes of ‘Home’ become held within the ‘Arc of the Earth’. To them this is mystifying because no one takes any notice of them (they do not realise they are dead for they still have all their faculties, in that they can still move around, hear what people are saying and speak, but no one listens to them and those around them ignore their presence).

This can cause enormous frustration, and they can use the energy so created to move things about, turn switches on and off, and even cause physical harm to people. If new people have moved into what used to be the lost soul’s home, the lost soul will make every effort to get the new tenant/owners out! This can be particularly unpleasant for those living in such places.


This is sometimes called an attachment and is most frightening and dangerous for those under its influence. This is a spirit not from the light, but has come from the realms of darkness and will be controlling the thoughts and sometimes the actions of the person affected.

In our experience, this can occur as a result of someone having played with an Ouija board, a pendulum or other such device designed to encourage psychic activity, without first having protected themselves in the correct fashion. In addition, because by taking drugs or an excess of alcohol the person concerned has voluntarily diminished the control of their brain activity by their spirit mind, then sadly they are easy prey to possession.

Drug addicts and alcoholics are as we have just said easy prey.

Possession is the nastiest of the psychic disturbances. It can result in the person so afflicted hearing voices, insisting on them doing things that are totally contrary to their own behaviour and conscience. It can be so persistent that eventually they do succumb. If the power is strong enough they can be physically raped and assaulted by this unseen (but certainly felt) assailant. It can drive some people to suicide, because they feel they are going mad and have no recourse to help.

Thought Forms

Evil exists, and the energy generated by thoughts of hatred and violence feed and nurture those who follow a negative path. Such energy can be used to generate even more hatred and violence, and if you do not believe us just look around this world of ours where the physical and mental abuse of humans and war and injustice abound. When thoughts of this nature are concentrated on an individual entity then this entity can become immensely strong and take on its own personality.